Dog physiological pants teddy diapers disposable


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Dog physiological pants teddy diapers disposable

Warm prompt: 1 V + B rainbow wave from the United States. Use also look good.

2 dear pet people carefully measured before making baby dog’s weight, waist circumference, 0.5 3 kg for XXS; 2-4 kg fit XS size; No. 4 to 8 kg for S; No. 6 to 11 kg for M; 10-20 kg for L, 18 to 32 kg for XL size! More than kiss ~ size suggestion is Dr HIPI family doctor According to experience and to suggest the size of the normal dog size ~ only supplies the reference specifications, please you must be to measure the waist will be more accurate, the choose and buy again or you can consult customer service to buy suitable size oh thank you for your cooperation! I wish you a happy life!

Some dog and cat cat starts to put them on will not adapt, is ready in a couple of days! This product belongs to the daily consumption goods, can buy several dear friends when buying packages. Set aside

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm
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