Pet diapers pants physiological pants menstruation sanitary napkin bitch dog safe pants diaper diaper dogs

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pet diaper pants disposable diapers diapers menstruation [pets] cats and bitches, dogs (adults, Ko, big ass, dogs) can be considered number one [surface material]: polyethylene, polyester non-woven fabric Absorbent material: cotton pulp, absorbent paper, polymer Waterproof material: polythene film, fixing belt: Velcro (polypropylene) Polyurethane material Binding material: Hot viscose Still worrying about the messy room in the dog’s physiology period? Worried about dog age, infirmity or age, incontinence and incontinence? A pack of diapers, everything! For dogs, menstrual period, incontinence and disease care disposable design, which is convenient and sanitary, high water absorption, ultra dry, do not worry about bacteria infection! Friendship tips: Because there are some babies, the size is relatively small, wear small yards will fall, we strive for the sake of customers, the joint manufacturers, after a number of research, design, development of this trumpet. A small baby, a teacup, a dog, can be used under normal circumstances.

According to the physiological characteristics of the pet diaper body design, personal style, also equipped with Velcro, adjustable waist range, repeatedly paste viscous still great,

On both sides of solid shield, prevent side leakage. High polymer resin absorption material, the water absorption rate can reach its own volume of several times. Ta also has a thick five layer structure to ensure water absorption, water locking, dry and clean.The diaper has a pet tail cavity so that the pet can show its tail What if dogs mess around? The use of diaper pants and baby urine pants like pressure-sensitive adhesive lap mode, easy to adjust the waistline, wear and take off, very much oh ~! Thickened urine pad designed to absorb tens of times the weight of water! Polymer particles firmly lock the moisture, prevent back seepage, the surface is still dry, baby wear comfortable, no urine wet feeling ~!

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