Ultrasonic Dog Chaser Aggressive Attack Repeller Trainer LED Flashlight Useful


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This product adopts double channel enhanced, double dog training, excitation drive dogs, liting function is one of the super ultrasonic
drive dog unit, the appearance design is exquisite, easy to carry, especially suitable for outdoor work, outdoor travel and security night patrol, and all kinds of dog training use.
Used to prevent dog attacks, issue ultrasound to repel the dog or wild wolf.
In normal situation, it can be used as a normal flashlight to illuminate at night.
Ultrasonic wave reaches up to 125db. Audible to dogs but not to human.
Effectively target animals up to 20m away.
Can also be used as dog training device.
Model: MT-651
Housing material: plastic
Color: black
Size: 14cmx6cm (HxW)
Power: 1*9V battery
Suitable users: joggers, walkers, bicyclists, delivery people, police.
Important Note:
In the machine when not in use, please put the gear selector switch “II”. The dog displacement effect was not significant in the following circumstances:

(1) your own dog, the dog knows his master will not hurt it;
some dog that is very close to others, it will feel that you will not hurt it too;This is mainly for outdoor defense,the more fierce the dog is, the more effective it will be.for those who see you will wag or lick you, never think of you as a stranger, the effect will be very poor or no effect. please pay attention to this point, some people buy said no effect, both because of this reason, Please don’t use friendly dogs to test products so as not to cause shadows to dogs .

(2) with the owner of the dog, or the large dog after the training -good trained;

(3)Babies born in the near time, young dogs are not very sensible, and do not know what is dangerous

(4) product, when the battery voltage is too low ,ultrasonic energy can be reduced;

(5) in driving the dog mode, due to a strong power, power consumption is bigger, please do not hold the switch for a long time, generally by 3 to 5 seconds, loosen the switch after then;

(6) the product emit ultrasonic power is stronger, do not to the human ear when in use.
Package Included:
1x ultrasonic dog chase

1x English user manual

Batteries are not included


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Drive the dog and wild wolves


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